None of your business

I live in a building with a gym, and I take full advantage of it. I workout five days days a week, in the morning. There are two things that may pop up that would deter me from going to the gym:

  • hitting the snooze button too many times and sleeping too late to go
  • morning sex (mex?)

Lately there has been an annoyance that contributes to my not wanting to go: the concierge. My building also has one of these guys. Well, actually, there are several of them but the guy who works between 6 and 7 am is the problem. You see, in order to operate the tv’s or weight machines you have to go to the concierge to sign out a remote and/or a pin. The guy who used to have that shift is a douchey looking dude who appears to be about 17, and would ogle me mercilessly when I went up to the desk. Then he would come into the gym and ask me if I needed anything, to which I would respond by panting agrily (probably only adding to his bonerific tendencies). So luckily that guy’s shift changed, but now there’s this new guy who arrived on the scene a few weeks ago who makes these little comments to me every morning – such as: “a Remote!? I don’t beleive in exercising with a remote! No distractions!”. I would chuckle half heartedly and then insisthe hand it over. Then, when I return 20-30 minutes later, he would comment without fail on the inadequacy of my workout time. “What? You’re done? That was fast! You have no stamina! You’ve got to work harder!”.

Now, first – this man is not a fit man. He is a fat man. Second, my workout reoutine is not to lose fat or pounds or gain muscle, it is simply a maintenance routine that I keep up along with a balanced diet in order to stay healthy and trim. I am not going to fat camp every morning. I don’t need any more than 20-30 minutes. Third, it’s none of his business!

Usually I just grumble and say thanks and walk away, but this morning I snapped. It’s hard enough to have the self-motivation to haul myself out of bed and into the gym at 6 in the morning. I said: “You know, I have a routine that works for me. At least I have a workout routine” and threw the remote down on the desk and walked away. He called sindely after me to “have a great day” .

I think a complaint to management is in order. I mean, perhaps he is just socially awkward and thinks that these are funny jokes he is making. And honestly I prefer the unwelcome personal comments over the ogling of my sweaty tank top that the other guy did. But I should not have to endure any sort of social discomfort before 7 am, especially at the hands of the staff at my building. I would actually prefer not to have any human interaction anytime before I get to work (except for N2, see “mex” above). I think I will go out and buy a universal remote and a weight machine pin and keep them in my apartment and bring them with me when I go to the gym – that way I can avoid the concierge at all costs – at least until I return home at the end of the day, when the nice/friendly/uncreepy/helpful guy is on.

*Note – I realised after reading this post that referring to my boyfriend as Number 2 kinda makes him sound like…well, poop. Which is gross and not at all accurate. The rationale behind it was that I was Number 1 in my life, and he was Number 2. From now on, I will refer to him as “the Boy”. Okay, I stole this from Belle de Jour, but it really does work in the circumstances, yes?


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