Evergreen Thai Restaurant

One day, while strolling down Dundas Street on my lunch hour, in search of something fast and cheap and…well…asian, I stumbled across Evergreen Thai Restaurant.
I walked in and was taken aback by the din of conversing lunchtime diners that greeted me, but was undeterred as the aroma was too tantalizing to resist. The decor was utilitarian and simple. Tables, chairs, a little bamboo for atmosphere. A server babbled something unintelligible to me and I followed her to a table where I was seated and immediately served a pot of Jasmine Tea. After about two minutes of surveying the menu, I chose the Lemon Grass Soup ($3.29) and the mysterious “Mixed Vegetable” ($5.99). I sat contentedly for about 10 minutes, reading my book and trying not to look conspicuously like a single diner so as not to attract the attention of the table of loud banker-types next to me. (Tangent: It seems whenever I dine by myself in an establishment, men assume that I am a lonely woman who desperately hopes that a gallant suitor will come along and rescue her from the horrible fate of eating by herself.)
I was served shortly afterwards – both items at once, unfortunately. The soup was delicious but required about 5 minutes cooling time before it could be safely ingested. It was spicy and fresh-tasting, the lemongrass flavour permeating the vegetables and chicken and broth. The “mixed vegetable” had sadly cooled off by the time I got around to it. I discovered that it is simply sauteed vegetables with a little spice, served over an oddly upside-down bowl shaped rice formation. It was exactly what I wanted – healthy, fresh, light, and cheap. It was such a large portion, however, that I couldn’t finish the entire plate.
After finishing my meal, it took quite some time for the server to come and clear my dishes, and she only came when she noticed me worriedly checking the time. Once the remains of my lunch was removed, I was pleasantly surprised by the delivery of half an orange to my table, artfully carved into a little bowl, the segments cut into supremes and impaled with a toothpick to assist in picking them up. I am always impressed when I am given a surprise bonus item at a restaurant, especially when it is presented so cutely.
In summary, I received a healthy hot lunch in under 40 minutes for about $12, including tea and dessert. I think I will put this on my list of preferred working lunch destinations!


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